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Longetivity, enjoyment: Tips to keep your piano at top condition

Longetivity, enjoyment: Tips to keep your piano at top condition

As a piano owner, it is crucial to understand the maintenance of your piano to extend your enjoyment of playing it for as long as possible. Although acoustic pianos may appear firm due to their substantial weight and size, they comprise fragile materials and numerous intricate components.

While digital pianos may not share the same longevity concerns, it’s still essential to proactively prevent issues and enhance their resale value.

There are some simple steps to keep your piano in good shape and avoid problems. First, ensure your hands are clean before playing to prevent grime buildup on the keys.

Second, try not to touch the piano’s surface too much to avoid leaving fingerprints. Also, avoid leaving the lid open when unused as it can collect dust and even get things accidentally falling into its internal part. It’s best not to touch anything inside the piano since the delicate parts can easily go out of place. If there’s a mechanical issue, call an expert to fix it.

Additionally, don’t use the piano as a place to put things like vases, food, or drinks, as accidents can happen. Consider using protective accessories like bench pads and caster cups to safeguard your piano.

Lastly, regular use is crucial to maintain the string tension balance in your piano. Playing your piano often is good for your musicality and helps you spot issues early.

When it comes to cleaning a piano, there are different parts you need to take care of. First, let’s talk about the keys. Piano keys can get pretty dirty with dust, dirt and oils. Besides reducing the aesthetics, dirty keys can make the piano harder to play.

Just be careful not to let water or cleaning liquid get between the keys because it can swell the wood. Use a small amount of water or a gentle cleaning solution to wipe away dirt from the keys and clean up the residue.

Next up is the case. When you clean the outside of the piano, don’t use too much water. Get a soft cloth to avoid scratching or harming the exterior’s finish.

Then, there are the pedals and hardware. You should check if there’s any flaking. Most of the time, pedals, knobs and music desk brackets are made of solid brass. It’s smart to protect the nearby surfaces with masking tape, especially if they can absorb things, like felt, to prevent any staining or hardening.

Piano tuning after moving

Regular piano tuning is crucial to maintain quality, longevity and resale value. It ensures the piano looks and sounds its best, avoiding costly repairs due to neglect. Keeping the instrument in tune also makes future adjustments easier.

Frequent tuning every one to two years is recommended, with more frequent tuning if you play often or in extreme weather conditions. You can hire professional tuners to enhance the instrument’s sound and overall condition.

Professional tuning is a wise investment to prevent permanent damage after moving the piano or when left untuned for long. Finding a reputable piano tuner is essential — research local professionals, seek recommendations and read reviews.

Experts typically recommend waiting between two to eight weeks after moving a piano to a new location before tuning, although many tune their instruments three weeks after the move. It’s generally agreed not to tune the piano within 24 hours of moving, as the musical instrument needs time to adjust.

Pianos go out of tune due to changes in temperature and humidity, not the physical movement during a move. New environmental conditions affect the piano’s tuning, and it takes time for the piano to adapt.

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