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How to move your piano to a new spot safely

How to move your piano to a new spot safely

Moving a piano is a challenging process. Due to the instrument’s immense weight, mishandling by amateurs can lead to significant damage to the piano or even the movers themselves.

It is possible to move an upright, baby grand or grand piano without professional assistance. However, it’s essential to approach this task with caution and preparation.

Be sure to have a well-structured plan. Prepare the right tools and understand the necessary steps for relocating these sensitive and weighty musical instruments. Safety and efficiency are paramount in this process.

Before starting your work, gather essential supplies like moving blankets, tape and a dolly for upright pianos. Grand pianos require additional items, such as a piano board and straps.

When moving, enlist a strong team of helpers (at least four) with proper attire and footwear. Measure doorways and pathways to ensure a clear route and protect edges to prevent damage.

Cover keys and pedals for an upright piano, wrap them in blankets secured with tape and use straps for stability. For grand pianos, additional steps involve wrapping the bench, removing the music rack and piano legs and carefully positioning it on a piano board.

After the move, reassemble the piano with the help of your team. Clean the exterior using a soft cloth, but leave the interior to professional piano cleaning services. Lastly, consider having the piano tuned for optimal performance after the move.

Why professional help changes the game

Reputable moving companies usually employ specialized piano movers with specific training to appropriately handle piano transportation. In many cases, opting for professional help is often the most secure and economically sensible choice.

Pianos might seem strong, but they are actually delicate. Moving a piano improperly can cause significant harm. They can go out of tune or break from humidity or sudden movements. The outside can get scratches or dents, reducing its aesthetical value. By damaging the internal part, you can lower the sound quality. Professional piano movers know how to handle your piano carefully, ensuring it reaches your new home in the same condition.

Moving a piano is a tough task due to its size and structure, especially in the case of a grand piano. Without the right tools, it can cause damage to your home, like scratches or holes in walls. Professionals have the tools and experience to move the piano safely without damaging your residence.

Furthermore, moving a piano on your own can lead to injuries. Pianos are very heavy, often weighing over 1,000 pounds. Handling it without the right skills can be dangerous for you. Professional moving companies have teams of experienced movers who can safely lift and move the piano, even in challenging places like stairwells.

Hiring professionals also speeds up the moving process. Entrusting the piano move to experts allows you to focus on other essential moving tasks.

In the long run, hiring piano movers can save you money. While there’s a cost to hiring them, it’s an investment that prevents potential extra expenses from damages to the piano or your home.

When hiring piano movers, get a written cost estimate that lists all charges and service conditions. The moving cost for a piano is influenced by its size, weight, the distance it needs to be transported and any stairs involved.

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