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A guide to safely packing and moving your valuable artwork

A guide to safely packing and moving your valuable artwork

Moving is always a hassle as it requires good organization and planning, especially if it includes valuable artwork. The struggle intensifies as you figure out how to pack those bulky and delicate pieces without risking any damage.

Given their value and fragility, the art pieces must be handled carefully to maintain their perfect condition. Therefore, whether you are an avid collector or want to add beauty to your home, it is important to make sure that the items are packed carefully to avoid any damage during the relocation.

This guide will introduce several useful tips and guides on packing artwork to ensure seamless moving to your new location.

Choosing the suitable box for the artwork

To guarantee your artwork is prepared for the transportation day, you can begin by selecting boxes according to your artwork.

Choose between picture shippers, mirror boxes and oversized artwork boxes. Picture shippers are durable and safe in protecting your artwork, but not all artwork sizes can fit in the box, so make sure to check the available box sizes first.

Mirror boxes usually provide custom-fit designs with additional padding on the inside. They also have corrugated cardboard boxes that add extra protection for your artwork. Oversized artwork boxes are excellent for large artwork sizes, such as mirrors or pictures. These boxes have a significant weight capacity and are often reasonably priced.

After selecting the boxes, sort your artwork by size. Usually, small and medium-sized art pieces can grouped and packed together. For larger artworks, it is best to pack each object in its own box.

Packing the artworks

To ensure that your artwork is properly protected, there are several steps that you have to follow. The way you pack and wrap the objects will ultimately depend on the artwork’s sizes and shapes.


You can simply buy a cardboard tube at a shipping supply store to pack posters. Gently roll up the poster after opening the cardboard tube. Place the poster inside the tube and carefully seal both cardboard sides. Finally, label the tube accordingly for shipping.


Unlike framed artworks, sculptures have various shapes and sizes, so you must adjust the packing method for every piece. If possible, you can begin by dismantling your sculpture.

Next, secure the piece with bubble wrap by wrapping it at least twice in the upper and lower parts to protect the weak points. After that, use a sealing tape or a plastic wrap to secure the bubble wrap after wrapping the sculpture.

Before placing the sculpture in the box, ensure the box size is larger than the sculpture. While moving the box upright, fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts. Finally, seal the box and label it as “fragile.” Be sure not to place other boxes on top of the fragile box.

Framed artworks

If your artwork has a glass, make sure to tape “X” before packing. Next, Use Styrofoam corners to protect all the frame corners. Wrap your artwork twice using bubble wrap and secure it with sealing tape. After that, place the wrapped artwork in moving boxes or wooden crates in an upright position. seal the boxes and label them.

Consider booking a moving company

If packing the artwork starts to overwhelm you, consider booking a reliable moving company. These professionals are well-versed in the delicate art of handling valuable items, armed with a comprehensive array of supplies tailored for diverse belongings.

Beyond mere logistics, they bring a nuanced understanding of strategies to meticulously pack your items, guaranteeing their safe transit. Choosing a reliable moving company means placing your possessions in capable hands, offering you peace of mind as you navigate the intricacies of the moving journey.

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